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Who is he?

Glenn Sasscer, Jr. (born 1966) is an American author of several fiction novels and other literary works. His writing typically spans a variety of genres, from horror, thrillers, and suspense to inspirational and romance, and the newly emerging cross-genre known as "Christian Horror". Suffering Madness is the first of his several novels to be published.

Early Life

Glenn Sasscer is the first born to Glenn and Opal Sasscer, living in Maryland at the time of his birth. Before grade school, his family moved to Toledo, Ohio. Glenn lived with his parents in Toledo until the age of 21, moving to Oregon, Ohio two months before his marriage to Karen Heskett.

Writing Development

Glenn's interest in writing began early, telling stories and making up fantasy worlds as a child, never giving up on his imagination. He continued to create stories, poems, and other literary works, claiming at times,

"...the best part of any job is when I am writing a letter, memo, or even technical instructions..."

Glenn began taking his creativity seriously when making up a few stories at a social gathering to entertain some friends. One of them mentioned to his wife,

"... you should get him to write a few of those ideas down on paper."

He began writing children's stories, stating the readers were closer to his maturity level. He continued to develop his skills by targeting fiction magazines with short stories, never quite getting past the rejection letters.

Glenn joined three different writing critique groups to better understand the techniques of writing and story telling. By working with each one simultaneously, he spent upwards of twenty hours a week for over three years writing, critiquing others, and honing his skills for telling stories. The exchange with each group during these formative years provided focus on differing areas, where one group's strength was writing technique, another was the art of story telling, and character development was the focus for the third.

Through these groups, Glenn formed a lasting friendship with two critique partners, JoAnn Mitchell Benten and Patricia Spork.

His influences include Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, Robert Ludlum, Richard Matheson, David Morrell, and Max Lucado.

Christian Life and Ministry

Glenn is membered with Grace Community Church, Oregon, Ohio. He is recognized as a church leader, serves on the Board of Trustees, and ministers monthly with his family at Heartland Assisted Care - an elderly nursing home and physical rehabilitation facility.

Family Life

Glenn married Karen Heskett in 1987. They have three children and live in Northwest Ohio.

Writing Style

Glenn combines suspense, thriller, and horror writing aspects to produce engaging, believable stories. Glenn's novels contain less blatant Christian content, writing from a Christian worldview without getting preachy or pushing religion. While his novels contain "darker" themes, including graphic violence, language references, depictions of evil, alcoholics, drugs, and addictions, he defends his themes to say...

"My characters are not role-models or perfect... if they were, who could relate to them? They are set in situations we all encounter in life and when is life perfect or squeaky clean? I am not interested in writing a story where a reader cannot become engaged, relating to the characters or situations. These are characters questioning God, questioning their faith, or denying the existence of God altogether... do you know anyone fitting this description?"

Besides writing novels, Glenn also writes short-stories, inspirational themes, gift books, and devotional stories. Past literary agents and publishers have noted a difficulty in establishing a "brand name" for Glenn, as his novels are much less "Christianized" and carry more secular styles while his devotionals put you right into the arms of Jesus Christ.

Publishers or Literary Agents:

Glenn is currently seeking new opportunities with publishers or literary agents who understand inbound marketing strategies, author branding, and creative interaction.

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Glenn is an accomplished speaker, teaching adults, teens, and children of all ages with a Biblical worldview.

He teaches and provides training in Scriptural principle, but also provides software and business consulting services to companies throughout the United States and Canada. With a specialty in service oriented businesses, his consulting services provided a Kalamazoo company $36,500.00 savings in over six months through suggestions made in their inventory management.

Whether it is inventory, job shop processing, purchasing, accounting, quality control, or executive level training, Glenn's varied experience communicates across the levels or positions, and provides a unified business approach.

Glenn is comfortable speaking one-on-one, to small groups in casual or classroom settings, and large audiences.